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We're a place of refuge 4 homeless men, women, children & families Albuquerque-provide food, clothing, #shelter & safety #nonprofit #Christmas #donate #homeless

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It looks like they're all enjoying dinner, right? How would you describe this crew? #jjmeals #jjkids

This family, along with the baby, was checking out the hygiene products we had available on The Lifeline of Hope. It's a family event when The Lifeline honks its horn. Your support makes it possible! #lohmeals

Someone?s daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend, wife?? It makes you wonder.? Everyone has a story, and each person's is different! #jjcares

This little Joy Junction guest loves her chicken! How do you describe that expression? Happily enthusiastic? Enthusiastically happy? #jjmeals #jjkids

Our Joy Junction guests enjoyed chicken with spaghetti squash and roasted potatoes for dinner this evening. Is dinner your last meal, or do you (secretly?!) have a late night trip to the fridge? #jjmeals

Members of our life recovery program were focused this morning on the dangers of gossip and its harmful effects. Have you been hurt by gossip? What advice would you have? #cipp

Blankets on The Lifeline of Hope are a popular item. Understandable, when many of those asking for one have to sleep outside. #lohsupplies #lohmeals

We see each of the folk in line for The Lifeline of Hope as individuals with a unique story and each needing food and encouragement. Please say a prayer for them. #lohmeals

This little one is enjoying breakfast. It's morning at Joy Junction! #jjkids #jjmeals

Two young men in line for The Lifeline of Hope, each needing food and each with a smile. Our crew said, "We had more people than usual here today, and there was food, and the love of God, for everyone." #lohmeals

This was the line for The Lifeline of Hope as our crew fed people in SW Albuquerque. More came along later. Thank you for helping us to make a difference. #lohmeals

They look at each other at this Lifeline of Hope stop in SW Albuquerque as if they're both asking, "Why are you here?" It's for the same reason. They're two in a long line of people in need of food and water. #lohmeals

Our life recovery program graduates and their guests enjoyed a delicious steak dinner earlier this evening. #cipp #cippgraduation

Thanks to the ABQ home schooling group for helping serve lunch earlier today. #homeschooling #jjvolunteers

It was a long and sometimes hard nine months for our life recovery program graduates. We are so proud of them. #cipp #cippgraduation

We are so proud of all our life recovery program graduates, and wish them all the best for their future. Please say a prayer for them. #cipp #cippgraduates

A special dinner this evening for graduates of our life recovery program. Please say a prayer for them. #cipp #cippgraduation

Joy Junction staff share words of encouragement and congratulations this evening with graduates of our life recovery program. #cipp #cippgraduation