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HAHAHAHHAHAHHA DUDE WHAT IS THIS EVEN MEAN! you put it on my facebook ages ago hahaha

I was looking through old facebook post and found this! I laughed so hard, i dont even remember this lol

this is exactly what the phonecall said :)

Nopeee still not working for me

surely there must be a type.....$800 for a ticket. holyshit

Springsteen is the yahoo headline. Attaboy, Bruce.

Bruce Springsteen headlining yahoo, attaboy Bruce!

Was on Rob Affuso's facebook page and saw him comment about :)

the sky was literally just split between neon pink and baby blue. #Awesome

If you can name everyone on my laptop wallpaper we can be best friends hehe :D

Hahahah Jon Bon Jovi taking pictures of people taking pictures of him. From Iowa I believe;

Do you think this is okay for WC. She wasn't specific in the directions so I left it very broad.

He's fucking perfect. (pic courtesy of facebook) #ThingsYouSayToYourBestFriend

Wat. That is NOT the album cover for SWW pandora :|

well i saw this online and thought it looked fuckin awesome, so i wanted to make one myself :D


Bon Jovi was trending worldwide yesterday, so was Bad Medicine! Didn't see Green Day trending lol

Bad Medicine trending worldwide and JBJ headling yahoo...AGAIN

Bad Medicine trending worldwide and JBJ headling yahoo...AGAIN

Cute Who Says Moments :)