Classic, Indie & Musical films aficionado. Champion of imperfections. A twirlin', twerkin', sparkly, sarcastic gem of trendy! Foodie. I wanna be a PREFECT too!

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I loved Everything was amazing. Best dinner date with my BFF. #Foodie

I love my new glass from to add to my collection.

look what I found at target! My Hawaiian boo is always raving so I'm gonna see what the fuss is about.

Las comadres!

Seriously! Now she putting in padding because her twerking was so well received without it? #OhMyPearls

lmao. I legit just had an apple with some of it. It's like crack!

Maybe you are Ariel lmao.

Feeling oh so blue. #SelfiesAtWork #Bored

My brand new navy blue John Varvatos shoes I got for 25.00.

Lmao! Truth!

This is what happens when ppl say "don't ever change" ... I won't.


Look I found her. Hey GURL!

Oh look I found her. Hey GURL!

I mean it's perfect.

Sweet Lady GaGa Balls!!!! Who is this man and how (besides in my dreams) do I find him?!?!? #OhMyPearls

He gets me EVERY! TIME! But I do love my hair stylist! Besides I love buying unnecessary bullshit!

Finally! She has been long over due. I love me some Thalia!

My socks are defining my daily/hourly thoughts.

Support. Awareness. Faith. Love.

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