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I'm an idea guy. And a big fan of disc golf. And flannel. And quite a few other things.

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"In case of fire, walk where the fire is"?


Paneras most masculine beverage.

Either Jesus is calming a storm or he feels like he's flying.

Campus Initiative. Weren't there? Missed out on this Canadian action!

Decaf costs more?! If that isn't counterintuitive I don't know what is.

Boom. A christmas tree in a bachelor pad. Boom. A squirrel-star on the Christmas tree.

Poor joanna's got a bum foot. With a krutch and everything...just in time to say "May God bless us, everyone" very appropriately.

What America needs:

Love my dad. He's truly great.

Just had an amazing idea. Someone with more facial hair than me please make this happen!

1 hour + a passing challenge + a bit of patriotism = Obama in a bar of soap.

Observe the trophy of the labor of three men, near 70 .12 guage shotgun shells, and 8 hours of stalking our elusive prey.

What an amazing amazing day to have no responsibility, limited mobility and only rest as far as I can see.

Seat improvements! It pays to chance the rain.

Gameday with THE bro!

Awaiting mindy smith at the square room!

The new and improved blackbird coffeehouse! Come drink coffee and sip-port them.

Mt meetings r great. Here's why

Mt meetings are awesome. Here'd why.

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