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Tweeting enough?

I just get this light flashing.


New tape dispenser.

Physical spam tossed on the curb of all the houses on my block. Yum.

Who would you tell about this?

I am number two in my MLB Fantasy league! Boom. #holdontight #longseason

So... I did not click on it... but was it effective?


Ok… now, email. Go.

$1.49 to go to the game today! And Ben is back in AAA for his bat day tomorrow. #5and15

This guy literally just passed me on the jetway! Who does that? That guy!

When your team is 5-13

It's not ok to name something that does not exist, is it?

Google has a new "Play" tab. Seems like a smart move on the surface.

On tag it leads to same info printed on the bag #4real #mandate #why

Oh no. #tebow

People pay $10 for 3 hours of Facebook access.

not spring yet!!!