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Folklore & Witchcraft Fanatic, Incense & Oil Maker, Root & Herbal Worker, Candle Lighter, Music Nerd, Pagan Hermit, Curmudgeon, Hoodoo Researcher

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One of the many scores from today; Three Kings Church Incense Resin (Made In Holland)

Your own risk.

Another day, another blend. Progress.

Family meeting on the back porch to listen to the wind though the trees, squirrels chattering, and birds.

Tonight I am...The Cat Master!

10" of smokey quartz crystal goodness.

Andora's new "hiding" space...10 feet off the ground.

Oh yeah, there are a few more things to organize in the new supply closet:

Taking stock of what we have left as far as hardware:

That pic looks bad on my about this one?

New Couch Love:

Vultures in the road!

Just noticed that there is a perfect Troll Eye right in out front yard!

Cool, light, rain through the trees and moss today.

After we got our library cards we headed straight for the YA room. Love the Fantasy stickers they use!

Proof! #AgentCooper #TwinPeaks #CocaCola

Bit of what it looks like after an herbalist has unpacked 70% of shipped boxes after moving. #PackingPeanuts #SafeGlass

My new "backyard."

Andora, Seymour, and as Veronica Mars. Celebrating our first week in Gainesville in quiet style.

Gainesville, FL loves !!!