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Serendipity: writing post about willful ignorance of business material & listening to Another Brick in the Wall.

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Perhaps not 4 me but looks good RT : "The Theory That Would Not Die" review:

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Gettin' my nerditude on. Hey, look: it's pre-evil beard ! (Those shoulders look padded.)

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Some light reading this evening: Principles of Neural Science ☺ (Even physically that's wrong: 8Lb at least!) #fb

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This is an appropriate (topical, really) way to await the last Shuttle landing. #fb

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Dear : if there's a page you should make sure always works, it's "contact customer service" #in #fb

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Factor analysis for jocks (slide-making for fun over lunch; yes I eat lunch at 2PM). #in #fb

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Interesting uniforms they have in the 23rd century Starfleet. I guess they don't need cargo pockets or PALS/MOLLE

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Apparently in the 23rd century they will have forgotten Don Norman's teachings. No labels in old scifi, check! #fb

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How is at fault for the Spence book under consideration: they stream the book talks (wallet danger 24/7)!

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Secrets of a frugal life: reading as hobby. This is tonight's selection (yep, for fun).

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Dear : Hayek doesn't have a "c". As cultural influencer you should double-check these things, m'kay? #fb

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Usability (cont): that is a terrible yoke design (for space fighters with "turbochargers" and air intakes)

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Usability issues (cont.): lights red for "red alert" (= general quarters); useless. Even Space 1999 didn't do this

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Usability issues in old SciFi (BSG '80): there's never any labels in testing equipment.

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Professional deformation gone wild: thinking of usability issues of old SciFi sets (Battlestar Galactica '80)

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This is what happens when you box old books: you start reading a new purchase and go "wait a second…" Dumb! #fb

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Dear American Telephone & Telegraph: you're misusing the word "enhancing." Should be "blocking" or "disrupting" #fb

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Gym geek chic (worn to work at home, not to exercise): hoodie over a DNA tshirt.

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Similar to ? Moi? Thanks for the ego boost, Twitter recommendation system. #fb

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