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Boch on the OSH (Ocean). #MeCAF

Downtown Portland is great! Also, we are all struggling with burrito babies. Warf!

Whew. This is 3 dollar Walmart wine. It tastes special.

Things tend to improve upon the discovery of 3 dollar wine. Featuring :3

Check out this sweet print I got on the weekend! Shipwrecks around Sable Island! Maritimes!

It was storming when I left this morning & now it's more or less perfect complete with chirping birds. The cats like it

Mug o' the day.

Dude on the American 10 dollar bill is a ligit hawtie. Whoa dude!

it's not as amazing as it sounds...

My parents are kind of rockstars.

Rental car weekend! Vroom suckah!

My mom and dad are here in Halifax, so Tim and I are showing them around. Happy Mother's Day!

Stop everything! Tuna Newn has sat on my lap and wishes to snuggle. BFFs!

Crowley is all "it's ok, I'll wait". Gewd LERD .

Scary stage makeup for the show that goes up tomorrow! Was sheepish when outside hahaha.

One of my only TCAF photos & fading into the fifth dimension (the dimension of getting down).

We got to drop off some comics in Fredericton's ! What a friendly place!

Check out this totally sweet baby in a frame in the hotel dining room. Shit just got real scary.

We're staying in a hotel in the middle of nowhere tonight. It's like living alone in a castle, but with free wifi.

Bunch of sweet old dudes sitting outside a random d├ępanneur on the edge Quebec. Cute!