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Journaliste en Chine. Correspondant Mediapart, La Vie, Le Soir, Le Temps.

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Modern slavery in Beijing :

Beautiful day in Beijing. "Lucky" can't wait for a stroll

Une aimable sichuanaise en surmanches vendant de grosses patates douces sur son Pigeon Volant customisé #china

After mentioned it yesterday, i went to Mofa to see this beautiful 18th congress floral composition

Le mur végétal dvt le ministère des affaires étrangères chinois annonce le 18 congrès du PCC

New PLA outfits are out :

My story in Beijing on Japan vs Chinese for Metro ;-)

Can you tell me what this one means?

another anti-japan dazibao

pimp my anti-japan ride

looked like a olympic opening ceremony. This anti-japan delegation must belong to a very small danwei ^^

this guy offers cd to wannabe "anti-japan" protesters at checkpoint

went fishing today. But fish is so small that i had to use my nephew's playmobil to make it look reasonably big

I love bread. That's it.

I love bread. It's a simple as that.

Aujourd'hui dans "La Vie", un beau portfolio sur un orphelinat pour éléphanteaux, au Kenya

Can somebody please tell me what this means? thanks a lot

La Une de La Vie demain, avec un reportage "Chine" à l'intérieur ;-)

Pas très folichon le sommaire "divertissement" de Chine Nouvelle: