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Journaliste en Chine. Correspondant Mediapart, La Vie, Le Soir, Le Temps.

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See how China is a police state ! They even have a patrol agent to chase misbehaving paddle boats in Beijing ;-)

A Pékin, le ciel était bleu comme une orange ce samedi

La copie de la robe et du sac de Peng Liyuan, qui accompagne Xi Jinping à Moscou, sont déjà en vente sur taobao

I don't know if Beckham will change the face of Chinese football but he's successful at promoting toothpaste there

Philippe Geluck arrête le dessin de presse (Le Chat). Très belle Une du Soir:

Papercut. I don't know if it's genuine but it's beautiful

i am tempted to buy fake #kappa trainers... for my dog #onlyinchina

Hier, j'ai emmené Lucky chez le véto. Qui m'a proposé des baskets pour chien contrefaites #onlyinchina #kappa

Audi Bling Bling à Pékin

Spotted in Beijing, the Audi any Party official would dream to show off with :

Here is a picture I did for Le Temps newspaper. Came out yesterday. Your comments welcome !

When air pollution in beijing is so bad that you can hardly recognize chairman Mao. Today on Tiananmen square

is considering wearing a zoot suit to attend Li Keqiang press conference on Sunday

Sur cctv13, une voix présente la longue bio de Xi Jinping sur une image fixe.

In Beijing, Habemus Papam everyday !!

Here is what Chinese food coupons looked like. The last ones were printed in 1993

Ce soir j'ai dîné chez 1 famille pékinoise. Le père m'a montré d'anciens "liangpiao" ou coupons de rationnement

Working in central Beijing (jianguomen) doesn't entitle you to live in luxurious apartment

Here is the most beautiful mailbox i have ever seen in Beijing

I cleaned a leaf today, well just half of it. And this is what Beijing air pollution looks like