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Mmmm, burger

Vieux Port, Marseille:

Apartment where we're staying in Marseille is on the Rue Jean Trinquet. You'll never guess what the adjoining road's called:


not a good day to be outside of England:

can't believe what I've just seen after the pic used with Almunia story on today:

cheers mate. Must catch up soon for sure. Look where I drove through today:

Really, really, really don't want to leave this today:

It's this, by the way:

not gone for the captain look, not sure what you'd call this:

Lucky me:

For anyone interested, the massive Aviva yacht moored near Tower Bridge belongs to Joe Lewis, part owner of Spuds.

did you see the MirĂ³ exhibition at the Tate in the end mate? Very good:

it's very good indeed. The lord's own rum is undoubtedly this:

ohh, this one?

Drinkin' rum and coca cola...

Seriously London, can you make your mind up? Sunny or rainy?

Just found a new, greet weekend lunch spot. Nice view:

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