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For those of you wanting a pictorial PSA on why not to do ya go

Just found the most un-oklahoman est. in the state...I wouldn't eat there if it were free... #boomersooner #sarcasm

If you think this is a purse you are my surprise it's actually this dudes murse who is also sporting some shape-ups #weird

This has

So this purse has been hanging in front of me all my surprise it's a dudes murse, and the dude is wearing shape-ups #weird

Some cool looking clouds out here in NW OK...

Shout out to for having the cover of golf magazine... Next time I won't turn them down

I think I just found the first ever wind farm

I guess I will be the 1st to show storm damage today (Ellis County) #tornadogeddon

Guess I will be the 1st to show storm damage from today #tornadogeddon

The sun is far from setting on my cinco de mayo, although the picture shows differently

Just doing my part to cure cancer... Glad doing my part involves a pub crawl #greatday


Nothing like straight to the point advertising

I bet it has been 15 years since I have looked thru these at wal-mart.. #coolbackintheday

And they say dinosaurs are extinct... I think this was rubber eating Hubcapasaurus

Hmmm I've seen a mashed potato bar and bar bar at wedding receptions but this ia a first....a grilled cheese bar

I bet this person has upset thousands of ou fans at the tag agency

Enjoying my redbud victory

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