I am sprinkling some Magic dust over the haters!!!

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What's for dinner tonight! Got to keep healthy!

Look what I found! Just need a few more hundreds of these & I ready for #cropover

When u fracture your ankle u only get to pose in plain clothes with your friends! #mondaycarnival

Thank you Lynnel! Your flowers was unexpected and brighten my day! Enjoy the Yuma vibes for me!

The culprit! Part of the reason my carnival season is ending early! Bummer!

Crop Over! Unsure why peeps should have probs w/ size of belt if should be adjustable!#knowwhatsize

The only part of my outfit I am 100% sure about now! Decisions decisions....

Ohhh so sweet! Thank you! :)

Cupcakes for both supporters - we had a good time!

My girls are getting so big! First day at school! Luv u Mya and Ella! The best godchildren ever!

In love with Cayman Cupcakes! But I need to stay away this month! Carnival 2K11 60 days away - focus

Leaving the comfort of NJ for Long Island. Roadways not that bad this morning.

About to venture out to go see my momma! Feeling good today!

All I want to know is which one is the ipad!?

Cocktails later anyone!? One item on the menu! Everything eles is healthy...promise!

After a long evening! The bags under my eyes is from d lack of sleep! Hopefully tonight will b good

An evening of Jazz and folk stories...what a lovely Sunday!

The guy told me I did have a nail, I had a screw! Ummmm

Just in case u had any doubt on which option I choose!

My friend is on the another hammock! Yup someone is in it resting a comfortable distance away :)

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