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Yes to: social media, SEO, history, geekiness. Big Yes to: surfing, Italy, homemade pizza. Online Marketing Exec. @FreshNetworks (all opinions are my own)

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Like the rushed fool that I am in the mornings, left keys in my bike lock. Here is how I found it tonight

Sticky toffee muffin - never seen one before, which is for the best otherwise I'd be faaaaaat(ter)

Saw this last night @ Angel underground

Mid-June mulled wine - that's how we roll - especially when it's so miserable out!

should've stayed for after-work drinks. On the other hand, glad wasn't on a cow-hitting train! Burger time.

Ale Aboard!

Cobb burger. Epic

Mmm, beer and champagne o'clock here offices - could get used to this! Thanks

Spotted on way to polling station - not sure if is politically motivated or not.

Comic Sans GB - classy

Sun means time to brush up on circus skills and reading in the garden, s'all good

Finally snapped my fav pub sign - Hygiene rating - FOUR STARS!!! count 'em! (oh btw we use local produce)

Dry run for Centre Parcs next week - bikes have to be some of the most cumbersome objects to store ever

Not expecting a bap this huge - egg, bacon, sausage, black pud, tomato. Brown bread = a good call!

Ex-highwayman on top of the Royal Standard of England, with dogs and gf who just bought a lemon for pancakes!

For my 1000th Tweet figured I'd check in to: a field, w. 2 others. Enjoying lunchbreak #walkies!

Pepperoni pizza + focaccia, good sunday lunch. Not photo'd is another which I then delivered - real pizza boy!

Focaccia (back bacon and rosemary)

Cakes - carrotx2, lemonx2, cupcakesx4, tarts and 1 muffin. Sister has done well for a non-bday (29th feb!)