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look! the 4-leaf clover of downtown LA

advice from : stay indoors, rampant chemtrails

baby won't quite fit in the trash

sure wish I had taken that community education class on mango slicing because this is a fail

my view of thanksgiving

gaze upon the magnificent thanksgiving weekend craft beer stockpile

fresh batch of chemtrails to promote tonights new episode of Megadrive at 11pm on MTV

little shitter fell asleep while driving a Mercedes

HOLY SHIT!! something I've been wanting to drink for years is newly avail in the USA

Happy Halloween part 2

happy Halloween

orange alert! #terroristshavewon

autumn is here! anyone care to split the cost of this beauty?

the super secret powwow, AKA , all set up for day one of A.P.E.

there I fixed it popper stopper

just did 10 perfect pushups in this place

gift cards: the biggest crock of shit ever devised in the name of convience.

today is a bad day on the bus. fat brown babies with boogers are trying to touch me.

damn grandpa! looooking fresh