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listening to a comp record from the 1984 Northwest Metalfest. nothing has ever sounded so bad & funny.

it's commie leftist spreading propaganda at

a new record in roadside dumping competition

is this what you're looking for?

the most metaphysical tagging war ever

today is a good day to listen to this:

2 best/most useful Xmas gifts! (thanks )

the definition of "little bastard"

preparing to bottle our ridiculously strong champagne cider. Santa will be soused!

black metal checking in at Disneyland

finally a pita chip for the rest of us:

my new backyard

first day of shooting Neighborhood Watch with Vince Vaughn & Will Forte! here's a pic:

a sign school music programs are woefully underfunded

my fresh Rachel Maddow haircut for the Neighborhood Watch movie.

looks like finally got his septum pierced #occupywallstreet

look who's ordering a plate of fried feta cheese

followed Louis CK tonight and managed to not to bomb. hopefully that was a first last.

I'll mail you a 10 dollar personal check if you can show proof of a lower score:

one day I will have a car nice enough to ruin with this decal