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@BAFTA Council member, @SpecialEffect VP, lazy musician.

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Bad day to be a tourist in London. Can’t see the other side of the river for fog, and Canary Wharf has vanished.

Pre-gig panorama of the O2’s innards. #radiohead

Out with amazing old friends from uni. Subjected them to my new fish-eye iPhone camera attachment:

Beautiful morning. #panorama

Post-show pic with !

Final tech check! #BAFTAgameslecture

Isaac in action. He’s finished Portal 2 playing with his feet.

Hanging out at ’s stand at #egxp. Here’s Dr Mick and Isaac, one of the stars of this morning’s video.

Here’s the Portal set-up. Chin-controlled right stick, feet buttons fwd/back, shoulders to fire portals. #EGExpo

Here’s Dr Mick modelling ’s #EGExpo stand. Visit us & try accessible Portal & eye-controlled DiRT 3.

The calm before the storm. #eurogamerexpo

And the most important thing:

Inside the box.

What’s in the box?

Tesco sure knows how to make video games stand out. Try the colour photocopier next time, chaps.

Panorama of my studio at Television Centre.

Unfinished graffiti of our time.

#iOS6 panorama of the Apple Store on #iPhone5 launch day:

Still lots queuing for an #iPhone5 at the Regents St. store. It really is remarkably light.