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YAAAAAAAAAAY Dodgers! 3 Up and 3 Down against the #SFGiants! #Sweep #1stPlace #1.5GamesUp #PacoRabanneSpring2013

It's like Jafar said in #Aladdin, "Things are beginning to unravel a bit" for the #SFGiants! #VersaceFall2014

When people gush over a new toy it's usually a vehicle or a handheld electronic device. Mine? A JUMPROPE! LOL!

I don't know what event this is, but Mary-Kate's outfit looks AWESOME! #Allthatgold

FINALLY, something on TV worth watching! Check out the new #Fargo series on FX. #AlexanderMcQueenSpring2014

I'm beginning to think people go to work just to avoid DAYTIME TELEVISION! #Suicidal #PascalMilletSpring2014

Not 2 speak ill of the dearly departed but gave some BAD reviews in his last few years #PradaSpring'13

Kids, you'd be surprised at just how much bullshit U can take when U only have to work 1 day a week! #DavidMeister

I guess figures he sees enough Black people at work, LOL! #PacoRabanneSpring2013

Wisconsin should rename its basketball team the Hoosiers, after the movie. #LillyWhite #MarniSpring2014

You know what a CULT CLASSIC is? It's something that you love for the WRONG reasons. But maybe that's what U want?

So now Starbucks is gonna start serving beer? Believe me kids, alcohol & caffeine do NOT mix. Trust me, I know!

If you haven't seen the #Jaws movies in a decade or 2, they can be pretty SCARY all over again! #ChloeResort2013

I understand the #OlsenTwins are a brand but their penchant 4 dressing the same is getting a little...INCESTUOUS!

I hadn't heard the name in decades until tonight. His kid is pretty good!

For those looking 4 a good brand of avocado, try #Cavalo or #Mission. Very big & good! #RobertoCavalliSpring2014

Seeing the way killer whales treat other animals makes me not feel so bad about Blackfish #RebeccaMinkoffSpring'13

I know it takes one to know one, but doesn't look and sound effeminate as hell? #EtroSpring2013

's breasts are INCREDIBLE! #DishNation

I'm glad Syracuse got a 3-seed. With the games being in Buffalo, they should move on. #MargotRobbie #ArmaniPrive