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Georges by :

Compared to full-size:

For super portable I like this Winsor & Newton one. Has a tiny brush, too, if yr on the go.

This Columbo episode confirms my love for Donald Pleasance, and also that air travel was better in the 70s:

Since asked, here's what my drawing table looks like, where I work standing up:

any idea why Photoshop images do this sometimes in Skitch captures?

The mailman is in cahoots with to ensure I will have difficulty getting work done today.

Trexels cross-stitch FTW (by )

It's an honour, Mr. Spock.

You just need a cover design. EASY.

Plugging away at this picture book. This dude remains unconvinced.

Close, but more like this.

So I think this will be the cover for Machine Gum 2. Are these colours too crazy?

Who wants to wrestle?

Yes, like that time Rob Schneider had a baby with Doc Brown.

Watching that Harry Nilsson doc on Netflix. Wasn't prepared for this sudden turn of events.

Last one! "The Number One Badger" - suggested by

"My favoruite Sci-Fi character saying LOCK AND LOAD" - suggested by

"Tiny pirate" - suggested by