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I'm a front-end web designer working for a successful digital marketing agency in Surrey. I also write and record songs and wish it was the sixties.

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Our work place just got a little more Xciting... These are my droids. I've had them since 1995

Why is there a helicopter hovering perfectly still above Farnham? Some of us are trying to work!

Let the second coming commence.

this was in the window of aldershot's strip club 'DANCER'S EVERY NIGHT"

What kind of town is aldershot?

Seriously, who leaves a toilet in an block of offices like this??

' new microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

Finally received my christmas presents from sam

My #xbox live #avatar. Think you'll agree, it looks scarily accurate. Gamer-tag: TheCaf80s

The sign in the ladies toilets at work..... No Eating???

Guy with a head like a peanut. Cute!

crammed this many olives into a set-priced this small! I've got a video on the way...

What a Twat

My Hitler Moustache has been stuck on my keyboard for about 3 months now.

Dan eating a brick for lunch.

behold, the serial featuring THAT Sarah Jane Smith moment! Only £9!

Found the latest imported issue of MAD magazine! This is awesome!

a little gift from Mary! I want to open it!!!

Things on my table?

's stunning Inspire Award takes it's rightful place in the workplace.

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