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In hoc signo vinces. (Las Vegas, NV) /Sig'd

Can't resist Mirage peeks/Almost drowned in its belly, so I swam to its cheeks. #YOLO

'73 #Mets & heirs (cc: ) claim your Vegas-trinket royalties!

It takes a leader known for closing down bars to get one open again. #wasteyforpresident

Know an OCD sufferer with a sea-creature phobia? I found the perfect torture device!

Cry me a river, Bushes - my Barney "went to go live with a nice farm family."

Aww drats, shoulda packed my #stlcards t-shirt. , Lubbock, TX

. positions cover (Venita Wolf) above Tang. Well played, Dem curators.

Office party white elephant gift via Brunner/Spence precursor Tom Klein ('04), who definitely had schwag

You bout it? Ca$hville's bout it bout it

A football town, a meaningful matchup. #Bedlam #Sooners #Pokes

Happy 15th to Mr. Turkey, adopted in my college years from China via . Gobble gobble!

Word to The Shadow, Memphis has its own version of The Evening Whirl! O_o

Nonplussed. Apparently he hears #duckdynasty puns every day. At

Oh, Man(nings)!

Love ya but my highest-returning investment since '97 is this blue-chipper #Scream

Needed: time machine. Want to see in STL but today's mailer says she's coming last January

What you get for arriving late. Hundreds in line, one scanner. #stlcards

Apostrophe abuse. Even a replacement ref would call this. #snf

Kiss and tell: Flo's grits are delectable. Mel's Diner, Phoenix #Alice