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Neo-regionalist, gastronaut, engineer, entrepreneur, teacher, downtown dweller, startup guy, future zombie. Mostly tweet food photos. You've been warned.

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In Chinatown the hotel floors go from 2 directly to 83. The view does not.

Wonderful Smoked Sturgeon with Cuttlefish, Sunchoke, Volte Face, Grapes & Mustard Seed at .

Chicken Cracklin' and Okie Negroni at . Great recommendation from .

After multiple pivots in one night, is appropriately wearing a Get Out of the Building T-shirt. #leanstartup

#WesternU's Henry Barnett's role in Aspirin trials recognized in this exhibit. #ldnont

Exhibit at recognizes #ldnont & #WesternU's pioneering role in deep-tissue cancer treatment.

Matt & Noah of , bringing uber-like disruptive customer service for healthcare. #leanstartupday

#leanstartupday at Canada's watching 's CTO at #leanstartup in US. #leanwithoutborders

We're now identifying a target customer that has the problem we're trying to solve. #leanstartupday

We have 10 minutes to brainstorm a problem to solve based on these pics or from Pinterest. #leanstartupday

Lean Canvas overview by . Each table has 1-hour to start a venture from scratch. #leanstartupday

We're being put to work at #leanstartupday: Lean Canvas sheets on each table. Time to start a company!

Rob & Corey, Ivey MBAs from #WesternU pitching during the break at #leanstartupday.

1st panel question at #leanstartupday starts with observation: "I think some lean startups *try* to fail..."

#leanstartupday host of . F-bomb in 4, 3, 2... done.

#leanstartupday starting out with winning lean video challenge entries.

Truth in advertising, for a limited time only. #terrible

Our city's team won! #ldnont is better than #barrie.

It's cold outside, but warm & cozy inside #ldnont's Ristorante. The meatballs help too.