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Just finished my audition! Welcome to Twitter!!

Me and my elevator savior!

This is an unreasonable indoor temperature... Must. Fix.

@ Sens

I fought the lawn, and the lawn won

Accidentally left the house today in my bunny slippers... D'oh!

Proof of #10 position- now looking for proof of #1 position, as mentioned in the Boston Herald

Brunch with brother: $0.00 (and priceless) thanks to . :)

At #FordExplorer reveal chillin' with CEO Alan Mullaly! :)

And a lifelong friendship was born... :)

Look what I found!

- omg - Coach Ice Cream Truck = love

Kindof in love with this photo I took using my iPhone :)

My first time seeing the Statue of Liberty! :)

Dear iPhone: You are amazing, but next time please warn me before spend 8 hours in line & get some crazy tan lines

Yay!! No more broken-and-held-together-with-Scotch-tape iPhone!! :D

Haha! Apple fighting with the NYC Sanitation Street Sweepers - "Ummm please do not spray our customers in line"

The good folks at Apple are handing out water, apples and to those of us that have braved the line!

The line at the Apple store wraps around 7 city blocks!