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T minus 20 Seconds until we're live: &

I just found a pile of 4 week old kittens under my house. Anyone know of a GOOD foster center in the Phoenix area?

Going on a TOMCAR run with ! :D

Going on a TOMCAR run with ! :D

Ok - now I can die happy. ( - this is your ball!) #PepsiMax

This one is for the men! #poolside #AllStarGame #PepsiMax

Yep - I caught the bouquet... :)

This is the largest bar tab I have ever seen!!

I am embarrassing Danny Glover with talks about foursomes (and we're not talking golf.)

Shenanigans, I tell you! Cc:

- this worked four days ago... What's the haps?

Unhappy trailer is unhappy. :'''(

Hey, alright! The #fiestamovement has made its way into the common vernacular. :)

Haha - is literally pulling the blind card on me...

- Look what I found!! :)

- Really? (Cc: )

Someone graffiti'd my storage shed - and I like it. Is that wrong?

- Samurai b*tches!!

- I just love you guys! #omgwtfbbq