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- Epic last night. You would have loved it. :)

Decentralized Dance Party! On the subway to Times Square!! No boomboxes allowed - so we are singing!! #DDP #NYC :)

- SO nice meeting you! :)

Dear : You just put on the coolest concert of the year!! Thank you for preserving CBGB's.

- And you look so good!!!!! :)

Ahhhh!!! So cool! Sidestage for Paul Weller!

Just finished watching a fantastic show by my favorite rapper, ~ heck ya!

- I love going to baseball games with you. Thank you for instilling the love of the Great American Pastime


So excited for the DDP to start! - #BetterTogether - Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!

SO good seeing 's last night at the party!! Good times. #WeAreALegion

Happy Valentine's Day!! :))

I have stood three feet from Tony Danza singing "Summer Wind." My life is complete. :)

What would you do with leftover pay phones?

Tazo Tea just hand delivered this fantastic gift basket to my apartment! YUMMY! :)

Decentralized Dance Party is currently at 41st and 5th!!!! Bring yourself!! #DDP

My video camera is very stealth, no?

1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with art:

" singing tinkers sang with a strong distinct voice in a sort of keening tone."

WTH kind of captcha is this? O_o Ummm...