random thoughts about nothing from the brain of a gay boy. taken by @__ClintFace__

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yeah! it wastes a lot of water!

so, live your life today!

i so want dreads!! & my nose pierced. & gauges.

i <3 this!!

sums up today.

state fair sights

dildos beer & coffee. who's home am i in?

puff . . . puff . . . pass . . .

before . . .

veggie tamales!

how many of yous will get this cartoon?

i want this!

it kind of hurts. some.

oups. another broken finger. #climbingOUCH

i hold the whole world in my hand. (newest charm!)

Brains. brains.

yeah. this has been my phone screen for in forever.

WHAT is in my boxers?