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We finally really did it... You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Delicious Korean bibimbab with vomit inducing Japanese yoghurt pop #thursday

Thank you for this lovely thing Mr/Mrs sender person! Love it!

Mmmmm... Katsu kare!

Thank you for the awesome gifts ! I'll send something nice your way soon..

Got some famicom carts!

Well well looks like someone is getting their butt kicked in 3rdS! (also WTF arcades in sthlm?)


Anyone up for some post-apocalyptic board game action on friday? #gamingfriday #foreveralone

Found an old shirt. Tiger with subtle Space Invaders pattern. This thing must be rare as hell? #geekcouture

Gotta save a few of these though, despite their rough condition. This is probably only relevant for 3 followers..

Being forced to throw away a life long collection of game mags (förlåt !).

Don't worry my scrolls are leaking.

I drew a junk ship

Did it? Yes, very little! #livinontheedge

Let's play "Will it explode?" !!

I step away for a moment and when I go back I notice that the cleaning gnomes have been at it again. Bastards!!

Don't touch anything! It's exactly how I want it

This is the beauty I mentioned! Ignore the zombie ape

Now what should I wear for my nightly chatroulette session...

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