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Still me, but in a World Cup year: Three lions, 2 cats, 1 wife, no friends. 80s geek - some like it Hoth. Partial to tikitaka. May get a bit Messi

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It's this kinda stuff from late-70s / early-80s kids TV that has made me the sensitive, useless adult I am today

Found this you sent me

Christmas is in your own hands

Had to make do with Starfleet toys that do exist

First boy in my class! Send a message out across the sky-y-y

First boy in my class. Send a message out across the sky-y-y

Panthro? Presenting the Sword of Omens to a new Thundercat, Pump-O?

some kind of retro afternoon on BBC2? Are you being served about to start

Things you find under a sofa after two years. Item 1: ()

First Test, Day One - the score at lunch #TheAshes #Ashes

Treat wilt:

i'll see your space wookiee and raise you... (see Greedo)

Ravage. Eject.

20 years of hurt

Rancor keeper offer - always read the small print