John Newton


Still me, but in a World Cup year: Three lions, 2 cats, 1 wife, no friends. 80s geek - some like it Hoth. Partial to tikitaka. May get a bit Messi

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My kiiiindaaa towwwwwn (also, actually my town)

But I'm gonna be all like

Talk about a Dr Who spoiler

Mr Mom Halloween - just one year after ET's Halloween scene:

poster of choice in kids' room

... And the angel said to Mary

I am a Christmas Eve cat

bedtime reading

Morning Sergio, I'll have the usual please - star puffs

She recognised my foul stench as soon as she was brought on board

Other items from the fridge, courtesy of

Best thing this year? Maybe and I mucking about at a deserted Checkpoint Charlie at 2am, blowing minds.

Someone did a picture of my time-travelling 1985-self arriving in 2013

pillow trilogy

*searches frantically for salacious crumb prop*

it's another....

that feeling when you find out the next one up is a stinky exclu #jumboretro #takecaresir

Brum tonight

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