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Tremendous use of telestrator here to explain illegal touching: "that thing needs to go on his head"

Unbelievable game at Columbia. Good thing YES has this one in HD.

Not going to lie, I really like these Packers throwbacks

If you're ever at a Columbia football game and need some maritime assistance, give these guys a ring.

Very strange NLDS promo here by TBS. See if you can figure it out.

Nice touch in Detroit: seats saved for the late Ernie Harwell and Sparky Anderson. Also awkward for this woman.

Lots of bad things happened to Boston tonight. This tie is one of them.

If I worked in TV, and died this year, I would be offended that these glasses would be worn introducing the memorial

That's a DirecTV dish atop the HBO HQ. What, can't get all the channels on Time Warner Cable?

Surveying hurricane damage on the Upper East Side:

I'm not sure I know what all of these things are but I am sure I don't want any of them.

Larry King is excited about this Dodgers win

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Larry King's kid is so excited about the game he's trying to put a plastic bag over his head.

Wharton alum on Morning Joe right now. MSNBC thinks that is part of something called "Penn U"

Yankees spend $1.2b for new stadium and yet it doesn't have a fireplace in center field like Seattle.

Listen, San Francisco is not without merit, but for my money Seattle has the beat authentic sea air.

And then there is this blue sky. Honestly it is raining where I am standing.

How nice of those swell people in Not Seattle to beat the traffic before the conf. finals game is over

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