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Twitter, this warning makes me want to punch you. #notadelicateflower

Not the least bit surprised.

Not the least bit surprised.

3 guesses which province is the only one that would prefer a new election to the GG asking opposition to form govt.

Jesus H. Christ. If the CPC war room wasn't freaking out yet, they might want to start. Nowish.

This URL must be read to be believed. (thx , )

This is the shit sandwich of spring weather forecasts. Coming this sunday!

Wherein a Senator fails to understand: reporters aren't insulted by being called attack dogs. "Pathetic", OTOH...

Might want eye-bleach handy.

If this actually happens this weekend everyone has to join the Zoroastrians and worship the sun.

No worky still.

Also from yesterday: "So help me, if the Leader isn't chewing a goddamn dumpling when he leaves that place..."