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I live in Japan and run J-List, a kinda cool anime/ecchi/Japanese Kit Kat store. (all age) or (must be 18)

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am not able to authorize Tumblr, can you guys do anything to help?

American film history according to Hetalia

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Ah, 80s anime, when girls knew how to wear sleeves properly. (Five Star Storeis, from 1989)

Watching Five Star Stories, of all things. I rock it old school.

I love that they put Captain Gideon from 2nd season into the Iscandar story, as 2nd season Yamato was outstanding.

Oo! Money shot! #yamato #sbyamato

Small issue, KM keeps wanting to load my apps from a cloned disk that’s mounted, not from the system

Watching #SwordArtOnline now. That’s a pretty cute embarrassed face Silica-chan has.

Damn, this kind of thing tends to happen to me a lot.

I seem to get some of the best camera angles when playing #L4D2 with the K-On! patch.

Up at an onsen in the mountains. In addition to nice baths, this place displays art and calligraphy by locals.

Campione now. They’re getting better at drawing anime kisses.

A GIF from the Japanese news program that keeps a cat on the set of the show. All news programs should do this.

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Geeking out with the Macross 1984 Blu-ray and PS3 game, BRB.

You know, I’m getting of this error halting my 25GB copy jobs. Can you guys do anything?

Writing about Nagoya for the new update made me want to eat curry udon. It's hard to eat without splattering it everywhere.

One of our most popular ads ever

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Spotted at Harvard. Nice Harry Potter reference, guys.

Konata fan service

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When they see the horse head mask, they are compelled to buy one