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I live in Japan and run J-List, a kinda cool anime/ecchi/Japanese Kit Kat store. (all age) or (must be 18)

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One of the more fun things I’ve done: drove out with my son to Area 51.

Restore all 90 tabs. This is why I am your bitch,

Did some cleaning this weekend, and found some expired vitamins from Dec 2001. I need to clean more often.

Of course it’s perfectly natural that all the rights I need be banned from mileage upgrades for no reason.

Japan population + 1. This is the son of our web designer who was born last week.

Impressive product idea. I’ll name it the Kami-gasa or “God umbrella.” #pantsu

you know, if Tweepi would remember its sort settings from page to page it’d be so nice

One of my favorite pics from AX

Yo, you guys going to fix this Screen Capture by #Google bug? We’re dyin’ of old age here, waiting

Been out taking night shots in downtown San Diego

I like that one. “This bread is my pantsu, eat of it and get out your tissue.”

The twilight view from Mt. Hakodate, one of the most famous knight views of Japan. Wish I were there now.

There was just a 4.3 magnitude earthquake centered basically on my house. Lovely.

That awkward moment when you’re watching Airplane II and Pat Sajak shows up

Now finishing the end of Vividred Operation. I can’t have been the only one to notice this from the opening credits.

the biggest reason I don’t recommend your products to others

And again! #vividredoperation #pantsu #ecchi

Probably one of the most disturbing J-List ads I’ve ever made

Wow, Google is retiring Google Reader? RAGE. This is one of my most important work tools.

Watching Vividred Operation. Haven’t had a WTF like this in a while.