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Hey and , if you offered these coffee cups you'd put all other shops out of business.

Heard all day yesterday: "On your left" followed by "Wow, cool helmet."

Comic Sans smackdown at work #comicsans

Crimson King maple tree. Now at the tree farm, soon to be in my yard.

in your honor.

This is the cutest coffeeshop "chandelier"

April 18. A month into "spring" and everyone in this coffeeshop is wearing coats, scarves and gloves, huddling by the fire.

After navigating the PierceTransit system all over the south end, I've finally reached my secure and familiar destination.

Ajax snoozing. Rainy day, heated cat bed.

Hannah made a pirranha (sp?) latte art for me.

And the #warain has returned. It was nice to see you over the weekend, Mr. Sun. Come back soon!!!

Someone is particularly enjoying his first warm-enough day outside.

Finally starting to look a litttttle bit like spring around here.

Coffee art at

- you were right. Cornwall! And by the time I found it, they were closed :D

snowing view in my back yard

- here's a clipart collage in our local bike newsletter. Looks like Boulder?

This is 's dumbass attempt to keep deer out of the yard. But the only one it keeps out is ME.

Outlook: It's all #warain all the time forever more!

Sunset is getting redder. Little midgy phone camera doesn't do it justice.