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In Beijing today you can eat the air with a fork

Mongolian sky & why my lungs sad to be back in Beijing #smogblog

Mongolian sky and why my lungs aren't happy to be back in Beijing #smogblog

And the smogscape back in Beijing #smogblog

'Smogrise' today in Shanghai #smogblog

Obama and Xi Jinping spotted out at dinner together in Beijing (or at least their body doubles)

Beijing summer days pollution haze #smogblog

Yep, the #royalbaby is front page news in China too

In Chongqing 2day, the city Bo Xilai built, where people call him a great leader + wonder real motives behind case

Sunset at Beijing airport with rare clear skies

A wedding on the lakeshore in Dali, Yunnan

Breakfast bar outside Dali, Yunnan. Chicken, pork and tofu on the menu

Morning market outside Dali, Yunnan

A rare sight in Beijing - the blue sky over Dali, Yunnan

A perfect place to watch the sunset in Dali

Old and new outside Dali, Yunnan

This is possibly the worst sculpture I've ever seen. Confused in Beijing!

Check out my new blog posting on #Egypt at www.jimsciutto.com inspired by this photo

One thing Beijing has is bike lines which, on a clear day like today, are great

Beijing's smoggy week continues. I thought the worst was over after winter?