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Like a silly, dumb, broke Jimmy Goldstein. #NBAforever

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If the need practice, we need practice too.

Landon Donovan weekend rolls on, even in #FUT - this was against a Serie powerhouse called "Beast" #MOTM #FIFA15

I've got an AMEX and a '92 Dream Team mug that says we're all Wanderers now.

This car is bringing the heat on an east side Saturday night:

Well, that's certainly a first for me. Who says packs suck? #FUT #FIFA15

"Go ahead and hold all my calls. Yes, that's correct. All of them." #FIFA15

Good to have #FUT back again with #FIFA15 this week. It's like nothing's changed!

Lacking a Moreno, I had to pull out the one for our last "Run like hell and blast it as hard as possible" fullback.

Forget the Cuba City pasty supper (for now). Here's some road trip fun: the Lafayette County Courthouse!

Can you be in Cuba City on Wednesday?

The Swansea spirit loves strong in Milwaukee. Gourds painted like swans at the South Shore Farmers Market.

Is your birthday coming up?

One minute it's the most perfect summer you've ever lived. Ideal temperatures and abundant sunshine. And the next ...

Lunch inspired by - the smelt basket at Barnacle Bud's!

As much fun as it is to see Rio Ferdinand humiliate himself, Fred Travalena and his jacket have taken over my TV.

Love seeing these around #MKE - get on one! It's a lot of fun to ride.

Whaddya think, guys? Can I pull off the moon-themed Scooter shirsey?

No, my dear. It's this one:

Gotta be careful when you make a 6 a.m. run to Pick 'n Save.