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wandered round the Suffolk countryside with my old school friend Peter & his family. I heart ice cream & the beach.

A local artist called Sue Warne just left this painting for me at the stage door. Can't believe my luck. Art reviews?

This is my cake decoration audition photo.

I guess maybe I could help out.

Had Sunday brunch with Bret & Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords & Eugene Mirman. French toast & funny people = good times.

Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

OMG - front page news.

Spent the day with Lauren & David running through the Alternative Election Show. I'm getting very excited. Go Democracy!

I'm backstage in Folkestone. Spent the day looking at the Election Night script. I'm getting excited. Did you see the leaflet?

When I got talking to Frank Lampard I asked him 'what are you up to this summer?' He said 'World Cup'. Doh!

Had a great time in Belfast the last 4 days. I'm now in Derry/Londonderry or Stroke City as I like to call it.

I spent the day shooting a promo with David Mitchell for the Alternative Election Night on Channel 4.

The sleeper train works best if you're very tired / a little drunk. I'm not complaining, I woke up in London.

I opened my curtains in Glasgow this morning & the view was like an establishing shot from Taggart. "There's been a murder"

I spent the day in Dundee. LL Cool J. Yeah, Ladies Love Cool James. Well, they made T-shirts which is good enough.

I'm filming today. What a child of the 70's.

What's occuring in this photo from last night? I hope Gavin doesn't find out.

I forgot to mention my showbiz exclusive from last night; Kevin Bridges has joined Kasabian on triangle.

I think this is the best of last nights photos. Kevin, Rhod & Jason at the side of the stage.

I'm filming for the Channel 4 Great Ormand Street Gala today. It's 11am & the days already weird.