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Who wants to play Sin City with me?

Sis setting a good example for the kids.

Fair to say that Santa has arrived! Off to bed soon. Happy Xmas all!

I'm a drunken Rudolph!

Me & maximus after doing our Xmas crackers!

Check it! It's on the Bat Cycle!

Bet some whitey came up w/ these sake bottles w/ hats.

Hey ! My Sis stole your pony!

Chloe waking up in jail. She's sad. :)

Nephew Maximus aka Rudolph & I

Niece Chloe watching TV. Just like uncle jimmy!

And there goes another bite outta the moon cheese!

Picked up Gods & Undergrads Book 2 by Monica Gallagher (). Look! I gave a blurb!

Eclipse is on! Just a tiny bit but it's there!

Jimmy Santa by CNI listener Silvia in Spain! Thx Silvia!

My new Christmas tie arrived yesterday!

And here she is. Best birthday present ever. :P

Birthday cake!

Got home to prezzies at the door! Awesome zombie gal by/from (aka Laura Watton)! Thx!

My first birthday kisses from Bubbles & Lisa! Sorry . I'll see u when I get home.