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:D el mac + reyes downtown miami

More Faker!

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An unfortunate similarity of Generic elements/ideas, but intentional plagiarism it is not. If I ruffled any feathers, I apologize, but I respect artists since I'm one myself, and I've always tried to above board. I took elements from some of my old designs, slapped it together with a drawing of one of the few Lovecraft photos found on google and Viola. Subconscious influence? Maybe. Plagiarism? No.

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What mario & luigi looked like in 1983 :)

I don't know. There seems to be danger looming above.

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Har har

Saw you on ConanO Ice T, or should I call you, Tom Hanks! Srsly though, great interview.

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Relevant to your interests.

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Reasons for rejecting ads on Facebook.

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I kinda don't like the new user interface on Bigcartel. It's not as user friendly as the previous no frills text links. It's like some UI designer decided to make things pretty instead of consider the user. I find the hover over icons down to secondary annoying. My brain is filled with useless information from the internet, I dont want to learn what the new icons mean especially when its not something I use everyday.

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I pi1ihp-ed it. :D

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almost done. 75%

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Back on this. Repeating creating and erasing background elements. Kinda stuck at 55%.

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I srsly thought you and Katy should have gotten to go to the next round. Still you lucky guy!

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