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Physicist, author, broadcaster and humanist -- The Universe doesn't have a purpose, free will is an illusion, and quantum physics is beautiful. Now you know me.

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Calling space community! Pledge £1 & support Surrey's race to virtual space! http://kck.st/1cZeda2

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Light and Dark TX card

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A right couple of bosons here. Boson on left: "who the hell talked me into this?"

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Filming scene for #LightandDark on mountaintop in Gran Sasso, Italy. Photo curtesy of Tom Hayward (see shadow)

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Filming on #LightandDark - demanding director keeps me cool between takes on a hot day on location

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FIlming on #LightandDark - on the waltzers, trying to do a piece to camera (photo curtesy of Tom Hayward)

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While filming on #LightandDark - me inside Lovell Telescope dish at Jodrell Bank. (photo curtesy of Tom Hayward)

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"We can't stop here! This is bat country!"

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"We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold."

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And here's another cool one: Jim and Mark do Fear and Loathing for same film.

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My guest on #TheLifeScientific is - here's publicity shot of our 2004 doc, Riddle of Einstein's Brain

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A fine looking academic staff team at our Departmental 5-a-side tournament yesterday.

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Nice dinner with and Aarathi Prasad following my talk at Sofia Science Festival about this.

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I've decided that if I were a superhero I'd be Dr Manhattan.

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4/4 Here is a photo taken by Harvey of Einstein's brain after removed during autopsy in 1955. A bit gory, I know.

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It appears there's a special offer on though. Hmm..

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Partying like only professors know how. From left to right: Profs Regan, Sella, Al-Khalili and Sellin.

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As per last Twitpic, but in between takes!

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More filming for #OrderandDisorder- now at top of high tower in Chateau de Vincennes, Paris (very cold)

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Filming in Paris yesterday (Chateau de Vincennes) talking about Sadi Carnot for #OrderandDisorder

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