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No more rice crispies for me!

Last picture with Jordan before she is Mrs. Dyson!

Soup beans, cornbread and chow chow :) I love being home!

are you proud???

What are men compared to rocks and mountains? Jane Austen

Using pandora at El Charolais

Who wants to play earring dress up??

Madness. Madness, I tell you.

Studying at poets. Wanna join?

BBQ nachos!!

Why yes I am wearing an Irish flag as a cape

Butter King challenge

This was just brought out. IHop just got real.

Chocolate frog from Australia!


Good news. I cleaned out the fridge. Bad news. I'm gonna starve.

Did I just eat cafeteria food with small children? Yes.

Playing Frisbee outside Nat Fit! Off the clock of course :) look hard, the Frisbee is in mid air!

salamander! Lizard! Ahh!

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