Jason Huhn


Just a single lonely guy who has ASD. Would like to be known as the GTA prince. Creator of Ranger Lea, an anime dollfie style princess puppet, and Amy C also.

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This painting I did myself, is going to my cousin as a wedding gift, as she's getting married next week.

  • 1565 days ago via site
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Fixed up my mother's garden out front. It was hard work, as I did much of the digging and moving the big rocks.

  • 1567 days ago via site
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A desert scene with a sunset sky. Features a river, trees, bushes and cacti. #Colors3D

  • 1571 days ago via site
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A forest and still lake on a warm, sunny afternoon. #Colors3D

  • 1572 days ago via site
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Got a brand new bike after the previous one had its chain latch broke off. This is a 29" Raleigh model. Only $199.

  • 1573 days ago via site
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A calm, quiet forest approaching nightfall. #Colors3D

  • 1575 days ago via site
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A forest land and river as if it's seen from a fairy tale. #Colors3D

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A summer day by a pond lake with lovely trees and mountains. #Colors3D

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A small wooded island on a cloudy morning. #Colors3D

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Not much of a #BINGO game, is it? Better stick with the Instant Bingo tickets from a lottery retailer.

  • 1590 days ago via site
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Here is my #DealOrNoDeal collection when it aired on #NBC. I missed the cut for the Canada version.

  • 1591 days ago via site
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A winter forest with a frozen pond and some snow covered trees. #Colors3D

  • 1598 days ago via site
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Here's what the revised #Definition letter board & puzzle solution to be shown below would appear on a HD monitor.

  • 1599 days ago via site
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OK, I got the Super Hang-On arcade game, now where do I have to put the coin in?! #SEGA

  • 1606 days ago via site
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It's not a sensational materpiece, but it'll have to do. Picture is sent to my mother's house to keep there.

  • 1606 days ago via site
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I got my easel and art supplies all setup. Now, what should I paint?

  • 1610 days ago via site
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A beautiful cherry blossom tree in the woods with mountains in the horizon. #Colors3D

  • 1612 days ago via site
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I finally get to see what the new Canadian $1 & $2 coins now look like. These coins are made of steel and lighter.

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A summer cottage in the woods with a calm lake at sunset. #Colors3D

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A squirrel appears eating a nut on the wood railing of my front deck.

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