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I use the iOS app daily & get lots of details, but I agree that more graphs would be really nice.

Guys! They're doing give aways on International Mac Podcast today! Come win stuff!

... In bed.

Seems I'm only half way through my lunch.

I think the Sontaran plot to take over Earth is underway.

The snow removal I'm really paying for? This is what they consider "clearing the driveway."

The view from the TMO Central Tower.

So this is all I see in the iTunes app. Apple should hire some QC people. Just saying.

Alternate work space while my MacBook Pro backup restores. I feel so portable.

EasyPay for AirPort Extreme.

One home-brew FireWire iPod cable, ready to go. Heading to Starbucks now if you want to meet.

Ah ha! Then I do have what you need, assuming you have a spare FireWire cable.

Ok, so just to be sure, not this one:

Oh, ugh. I already have like 10 of these Twitter spams.

If you need so much gear with your laptop, maybe you should have a bag. It makes carrying the coffee easier.

Guy at Starbucks seemed totally baffled by the barista's ability to pour coffee.

I guess reading the paper in Starbucks makes some people really angry.

Guy runs stop sign, cuts me off. I honk, he hangs his head out the window & makes this face at me.

Internet at Starbucks is so slow today I decided to start drawing my own Web pages instead.

Left handed Mariner, blunt tip, serrated blade. It came wrapped in Japanese newsprint.