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My one true love is #NASCAR. I obsessively watch too many tv shows like Psych, CSI, Suits, The Walking Dead, Supernatural. Teddy bear doctor on Thursdays.

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I made a picture of Rob Ryan out of melted crayons for my sisters birthday and thought you should see it.

Baby is my favorite car here. #DallasCon

My sister is so nice :/

Hanging out by the Riverwalk and enjoying the view. :)

So I've been on twitter for 5 years. Wow. Thanks for the email twitter. #Twitterversary

Small tv, but it makes my grandfather happy to be watching. #NASCAR

Damn it's pouring outside and the wind blowing like crazy. Loving it.

The battle on my pool vs people behind us tree begins. I really don't like that tree.

#MostHeartbreakingLines this scene from The Fox and the Hound (actually the whole movie) :'(

Happy Pi Day. :)

My #NASCAR buddy fell asleep on me. She's messing the race.

Shaq is at the mall I'm at. I want to meet him!

it's sleeting pretty good in Avondale!

Millie Bays is determined to sleep in this knee pad even though she clearly doesn't fit.

a burger with peanut butter on it. The PB melts all over it and is so good.

probably the coolest picture I caught of you tonight.

found your book. I know, I'm severely late. Lol

#HottieOfTheYEAR can't forget Jeremy Renner.

#HottieOfTheYEAR Jensen Ackles with his beautiful green eyes.

She enjoys my camera.