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In 2012 hourlies we went to the PIZZA WARS and someone read it & sent me a stamp of the angry pizza I drew!! :D

Here is a little self doodle, wish I could say I ever felt this calm

Some kinda SPOILER-Y panels from my new book , We Can Fix It

Here are some doodles about how I FEEL RIGHT NOW

Here is an old doodle I just found on some scrap paper that perfectly describes my life :

A little ink test doodle

Madam Vagina Coat

Lady Feather Duster

Tall, dark and pouty

Baroness Cake Head

Just doodlin. Fancy boy in a fancy suit

hahaha apparently Jamaica is the best place to get the worst souvenirs, here's mine!

Haha yes. It's all painted and some of the art has be pumped UP. For comparison:

Have anther sample page! I got like 104 of these so eat up

Another sample page from We Can Fix It http://is.gd/rlqXZy

If all goes as planned We Can Fix It will be out in May at TCAF! Here's a sample page

RAINBOW FLOWERS! Holy crap they are so pretty I just want to rest my face i n them all day :O

!!OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!! sent me RAINBOW FLOWERS for finishing my book ;_; best boyfriend in the world

Some weird little doodles of myself from my desk top

Aaaaand a Harpass. I don't even.

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