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Attempting to go here but it's a Disney World line to get in.

Bye Christmas.

Me: "Geez, people love their milk." Mom: " No, they just think it's gonna snow..."

I think I'm a little too excited about this.

I have no idea what a double down dare is. But if it involves this thing, I'll pass. We're all gonna die...

This weather is making me indescribably happy. Also, this is my favorite picture of myself from today.

The ghost of C.S. Lewis is telling me old timey stories!!!

Death pot proof

This is how I felt about today. It's a positive response, don't worry.

"This shows our personalities perfectly. Jeremy: Dark & brooding. Jacob: I wanna pick a flower!" -

Happy Birthday to me indeeeeed...

Umm. Why are all my fortune cookies declarative statements? Although it is quite accurate...

North Carolina


There will come a time you'll see...

Use your own interpretation. Ready, go:

Dear Dunkin Doughnuts, Absolutely nothing about this looks appetizing. Nothing.

Concerts always affirm that I am not tall.

Almost time!

Great time recording/filming with tonight. Can't wait for his record.