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Putting lint in your compost is silly: nylon, spandex, etc. do not decompose well, leaving nylon Brillo pads.

Honey bee on scallion flower.

Baby blueberries.

Thank you (white flash pac choi)

Worms, they're what's for dinner (for this guy).

Pac choi up, lettuce seedlings in. That, ladies and gents, is how our forbears did it.

Shredded leaves. It does a compost pile good.

I don't care if it's in the 40s and raining - I've got fresh basil and I'm gonna eat it!

Cork is hydrophobic, makes it very good for wine but absurd to try to #compost. This ones been thru 5 cycles.

Good morning compost, the earth says hello. #brrr

Jiggity jiggity. #seedsarrived #springisnear #garden cc:

I feel like I'm cheating somehow. #broccoli #harvestinthesnow

"I am chopping broccoli!" fresh from the garden, in December.

8:30 am, morning after Thanksgiving: 4 leaf blowers at once. There oughta be a law. Oh, right. #ArlingtonMA

#Garden rows color coded with different types of shredded leaves. (Mulch, organic matter & encourage worms.)

Paging Mr. Piper, Mr. Peter Piper.

They smell like carnies.

Gee - think this box was big enough to send 3 pairs of kids socks? #thinkgreenmuch? #EMS

The kid came up with a way to keep spotted wing drosophila out of the raspberries. Awaiting OMRI certification.

Those lazy, rainy Sundays you're too lazy to shop & make do with what you've got in the yard. #vegetarian