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BeefJack video game newsman and senior writer, weekends. Wouldn't know a lazy Sunday if dealt a bacon chop to the back of the neck.

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I'm downloading Tweetbot, but not sure I'm down with having that sex toy horror mecha-Birdo on my dash for all time.

Destructible terrain looking present and correct in XCOM. Now THAT'S breaking the fourth wall.

As points out, that thar Mario sleeve is reversible, too

The innards of the Mario 3D Land box are quite lovely for a bog-standard DS case.

Speaking of which, this slice of festive creeping doom is the very best press pic has received in months.

Also at Manchester Christmas Market - Santa is a creeper #Minecraft

Last night was for the German Christmas market in Manc. Already receding into a happy haze of sausage and mulled wine.

Oh God, check out the supreme irony of Bombay Bicycle Club's latest NME cover.

Well-greased boybands too; slip out your hand greasy. By contrast, Angry Birds' physics simulation's far too stiff.

To put this photo into perspective for those overseas, WHSmiths used to reserve poster space for greased boybands.