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I get pie!! Our office neighbor made and I a homemade apple pie. And no you can't have any.

Got my copy of John Eldredge's new book Beautiful Outlaw for review in the mail. Looking forward to digging into it.

The final product of said one-armed cooking #noyoucanthaveany

No wonder I'm sore, someone put staples in my shoulder!

Current status

Lady giving me my 5k registration packet: You're #1
Me: Duh
Lady: No seriously, you're #1
Me: Sweeeeet

Better than my current status

Om nom nom nom

It's the most wonderful time of the year... #ahsfootball #hsfootball

Mwahahahahaha die scum! #payback

Got to the #NSSTC just in time to watch them playing with balloons again. This place is never boring.

First AMS football game of the season vs East Limestone. Let's go Athens! #amsfootball

No matter what crap is going on in your life, you can always count on your dog's love. #unconditionallove

Ah, Mr Jameson... How long ye been waitin' in me, eh?

I think I got some sun, and a little dirty. But the yard looks nice.

How many points based on 'degree of difficulty' due to delinquency of mowing duties?

You too eh?

This photographer has faith in Phil's ability

What? It's a fashion statement