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Would you hire this man?

Uiii! Film!

Really?! I am a sucker for nostalgia as much as the next guy but please buy music form the living, they need it.

I wouldn't say #Film #photography is dead. It is definitely much more work.

Here a shitty scan of a film developed eleven years after the fact. A friend and da girlfriend. #ilford just amazing

Why did nobody tell me how heavy those tatami mats are, before I told the delivery guy: "No probs! I am a big boy!"

Phoster Image

324kg of reason for the move to digital.

Best Coffee-Table book I have bought in years.

Can't wait! #gofaster

Gyozas and Torchwood, sounds like a perfect plan for the evenings.

well no brick'n'mortar store has it in E so I had to order it. But in the meantime a iPhone photo.

Racism does not stop at biscuits.

Amazon's prices are "too low to display"! And no, I can't believe it either.

Well, I am off to France.

I have a new hobby: to photograph people that photograph people.

RSS for the Rest of them.

Can someone port #hipstamatic to the Canon 600D please.

Die süddeutsche hat einen Humorlevel den ich ihr gar nicht zugetraute hätte. #gutbye

looks like your Stylesheet is missing.